For whom the latex mattresses are meant for?

The latex mattress is suitable for all body types. It is especially recommended for people who sweat a lot or sleep in a humid environment. The allergy may opt for latex mattresses natural naturally have hypoallergenic properties.

Foam mattresses consist of a synthetic foam material called polyurethane foam. There are 3 categories of polyurethane foam that can be distinguished by their density: polyether foam (20 to 35 kg / m³), high-resilience polyurethane foam (35 kg / m³ to 50 kg / m³) and foam with shape memory or viscoelastic (50 to 85 kg / m³).

Depending on the type of foam used in the mattress, the support will be different. For a quality mattress, choose a mattress with a high density. Indeed, the more the foam is dense, the less the mattress deforms when lying on it. Black Friday bed sale is the best place to buy a good mattress.

The different types of foam

There are 3 types of foam mattresses:

Polyether foam mattresses: these foam mattresses generally have low density (20 to 35 kg / m³) and a minimum thickness of 10 cm. These mattresses must be reserved for extra bedding (mattress for bench, extra mattress for children …), with a relatively short life.

Polyurethane foam mattresses: the foam used in these mattresses is high-resilience foam of superior quality. It offers very good elasticity with a density ranging from 35 kg / m³ to 50 kg / m³. This foam is firmer for better durability.

Memory foam mattresses: memory foam polyurethane foam or viscoelastic was developed by NASA. This high-end foam, with very high resilience, has a density ranging from 50 to 85 kg / m³. Learn more about memory foam mattresses.

The benefits of polyether and polyurethane foam mattresses

The polyether or polyurethane foam mattress has the following advantages:

Comfortable: for an ergonomic welcome, there are high resilience foam mattresses with 3 to 7 differentiated comfort zones. High resilience foam mattresses are available in all degrees of firmness, from soft to very firm.

Lightweight: Foam mattresses are lightweight and easily transportable.

Resistant: High resilience foam mattresses with a density greater than 35 k / m³ guarantee a high resistance over time.

Cost: High resilience models have a good price / quality ratio, ideal for a first purchase or a small budget.